Distance Learning Samples

(1) We helped an Institute change from live seminars to webinars and online courses.

(2) We worked with a non-profit organization to create training for their members. We produced books with CDs and provided online testing. The CDs contained interactive components and presentations of the content.  Here is an example of some of the presentations we provided on the CDs.

(3) We helped a for-profit company create training for sales reps. Here is an example of the distance learning course page.

(4) OHSU school of nursing hired us to create nursing videos for online nursing students. Here are a few clips from that series where we staged a health assessment exam.

(5) Southern Oregon University hired us to create an orientation for criminology online students.

(6) An independent company who provides curriculum for K-12 schools hired us to stage a video training for teachers to demonstrate implementation of a writing curriculum. We set up a classroom, brought in students and an experienced teacher and created a series of 12 DVDs. (See the curriculum at WriteReflections4u.com)

(7) We have a long working relationship with Southern Oregon University. We have created many distance learning courses for the Criminology Dept, Education Dept, and Nursing Dept.

Here is an example online course created for the Criminology Department.

(8) The Criminology Dept asked us to create an Orientation for students entering their distance learning program. They wanted students with no prior experience to be able to navigate their website, find the classes, get their email, and have all the software tools needed to be successful in taking classes online. We went on campus, video taped a campus tour, interviewed key staff, and edited video of a graduation. We also created several lectures of professors providing an introduction to their courses.

In 2008, we created a printed book and a set of CDs. We created these in a manner that made it easy to later conver to an online tutorial with pdf documents and video.

Here are some samples of video instruction using Camtasia.

Here is a sample of the Distance Learning Orientation Printed Instructions.

(9) For the criminology courses we produced professional video lectures of the professors. We shot the video on a green screen and then added a professional backdrop. Here are some samples of professor lectures from a Crime in Cyberspace course:

Example Video Lecture 1

Example Video Lecture 2