Book with CD Publishing

Let us help you enhance your book with interactive materials that can be included on either a CD/DVD or on the Internet or both. Interactive content provides a fun, enriched environment, enhances learning, and creates a memorable experience.

We also create interactive web content with printable PDFs that accompany web video or step by step presentations with interactivity, a quiz, and a certificate of completion.

Examples of Books with CDs...

  • Seminar speakers engage the audience by including a story, presentations, reference materials, documents, work sheets, drawings, or photos.
  • An instructor helps students learn and increase retention by adding worksheets, stories, interactive games or puzzles, quizzes, step-by-step tutorials, and other resources.
  • Authors and poets give voice to their work and reach out to their audience by reading their work, adding photos, music, or video. Some elect to have our experienced actors provide the reading or appear on video.
  • A writer adds an e-book, illustrations, references, maps, extra tid-bits, background research, or photographs to help the reader visualize the plot, set the scene, and engage in the story.

How we can help:

Interactive Media Publishing can help you produce a unique, enhanced multi-media experience as one CD, a CD package, a DVD, or a website to accompany your book and printed materials, or to accompany an e-book online. We have a wide variety of packaging options to choose from and offer an array of services for the independent author, professor, or trainer to help create:

  • Print - Soft or hardcover books, textbooks, booklets, study guides, brochures, manuals, tests, application guides, catalogues, surveys, overheads, slides, and media packages.
  • Audio - Commercials, announcements, lectures, books, seminars on CD, thumb drive, or Internet download.
  • Video - Training, application guide, lectures, seminars, on thumb drive, CD, DVD, or Internet viewing.
  • Internet - Web sites, e-commerce, marketing, course materials, training, testing, surveys, application guides, catalogues, e-commerce, and database.


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On Demand Printing:

Whether you want to produce materials for one class of students, or for distribution, we can handle it. We use in-house high-speed digital printers to produce books on demand. We print small-volume runs (under 100) to higher volume (thousands) at competitive prices. Books, study guides, catalogues, etc. can be printed in formats from hard cover to spiral bound to paperback.

Book Development and Publishing:

We work with you through every step of the process to ensure you receive the book you imagined. Self publishing authors retain all rights to their book, own the copyright, and may remove their book at any time. You have total creative control over the cover, content, and all aspects of the book (within production limitations). We provide a full range of publishing services - page layout, editing, cover design, ISBN number, bar code, press setup, table ofcontents, index, illustrations, photos, and editorial guidance.

Our covers are created by graphic artists with years of experience in cover design. We don't use cover templates, instead we encourage the author to show us several covers they like and to choose photos, colors, or a style or feeling they want to convey. We have experience with complex college texts, educational books at all age levels, workbooks, narrations, self-help guides, technical manuals, children's books, and poetry.

CD Publishing:
We create CD masters, labels, and packaging designs. We provide professional graphics services, technology services, packaging and shipping services, and ensure a quality product.

Book and CD Packages:
Combine the best of a printed reference with multimedia for marketing promotions, application guides, employee training, how-to manuals, distance learning programs, seminars, and labs.

Book and DVD Packages:
Combine the best of print with video. Create a step-by-step guide or printed presentation notes to accompany a presentation or video on DVD for employee training, seminars, distance learning, or for any educational or entertainment topic. We have a wide variety of packaging options to choose from or will work with you to create a custom package design.

Digital Audio:
We can record your voice or have professional voice talent record for you. We create multimedia presentations, video, audio CD, or on-line audio. We have a recording studio or can record over the phone, or you can send us your recorded audio. We have digital technology to convert audio to many formats, edit, or enhance it with music. We can edit out the ums, take conversation out of seminars, and edit down to the syllable to create a professional recording.

Web Video:
We can create professional video for your website - either as a spokesperson that will overlay on top of your website, or as a training that is linked in. Whether you need a simple sales message or a complete step by step tutorial, we have the expertise to help increase your web traffic and increase sales.

Web Audio:
We can create professional audio sales or training for your website. Create an audio blog, a webcast, a seminar, or a conference call. We can help you create professional messages, sounds, audio notes, lectures and announcements for your web site. Either send us a CD, or a script and we will have actors record it in our recording studio and our technical staff can add it to your website.

We have a wide variety of voice-over and video talent who can read your book, presentation, lecture, instruction, story, or poem - either as audio or on camera. You can specify whether you want male or female, an accent or not, the age, the dress code, and anything else that is specific to your topic.

The price for our services will range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the level and quantity of services you require. We work with you to provide only the services you need, and allow you to do as much of the work as you want. Our initial consultation is free and we develop an estimate for the job based on the services requested. Our rates are competitive and less than you would find in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other large cities.


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